Brunswick County Museum
Phone: 434-848-6773
228 Main Street
Lawrenceville, VA
The Brunswick County Museum is located in the historic Courthouse Square in Lawrenceville. Come and see a variety of exhibits documenting the county�s history. The County of Brunswick was created in 1720 and stretched from the fall lines in the rivers east of Emporia to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The county was bounded on the south by a surveyor�s line which separated the Virginia and North Carolina colonies and on the north by the Nottoway River. This vast area has been separated into ten (10) counties.The museum houses three distinct display rooms: the Indian Relics, Governor Albertis Harrison Room and the Mrs. Alice Samford Room.There is an exhibit of Fort Christanna and some items from an archeologist �dig� made there in 1797-1981.Special tours can be arrange
Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum
Web Address:
Phone: 631-220-1231
328 Mosby Ave
Littleton, NC 27850
Sometimes referred to "The Big Foot Museum" and offers ghost and Big Foot Hunts. Cryptozoology (from Greek kryptos, “hidden” + zoology; literally, “study of hidden animals”) is the search for and study of animals whose existence has not been proven. The animals cryptozoologists study are often referred to as cryptids, a term coined by John Wall in 1983. This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs; animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and Loch Ness. The Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum in Littleton, NC is dedicated to the study and display of phenomena such as: Bigfoot information and artifacts Ghost evidence and ghost investigation tools Local cryptid and ghost stories and evidence Lake and river “monsters” UFO stories and evidence Famous Fakes such as the Fiji Mermaid
Roanoke Canal Museum and Trail
Phone: 252-537-2769
15 Jackson St Ext
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
Things to Do: Stroll through the museum exhibits, featuring the development and construction of the Roanoke Navigation Canal and other canals like it on the fall line and the conversion from navigation to power generation Watch an oral history DVD in which 10 people share their research and reminiscences about the Roanoke Canal and the Roanoke River Peruse locally donated artifacts portraying life along the Roanoke River during the lifetime of the canal Learn about local wildlife found along the Roanoke Canal Trail and the Roanoke River, including the infamous striped bass Angle for magnetic fish, construct an aqueduct, dress in animal costumes, draw on the chalkboard or play with blocks or animal magnets in our children’s area Have a picnic with family, friends or civic group in our picnic area Walk portions of the 7.5 mile Roanoke Canal Trail, on your own or with a guide, to observe wildlife, view historic canal structures and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Roanoke River Guided tours are complimentary for school groups and non-profit organizations Hours and Admission: Open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. General Admission 9 years and older: $4.00 per person General Admission 8 years and younger: Free Halifax County Residents receive a $2.00 per person discount on General Admission rates. Guided Tours: $2.00 per person, requested minimum of 10 people per group. Groups of less than 10 people will be charged a minimum of $20. Children 4 years and younger in a group tour are free. See the Educational Tours page for additional information.
South Hill Doll and Train Museum
Phone: 434-447-4547
201 S Mecklenburg Ave
South Hill, VA 23970
Located at the corner of South Mecklenburg Avenue and Main Street in the historic South Hill Train Depot, which also houses the South Hill Chamber of Commerce offices. A unique and panoramic display of model trains and authentic model scenery representing periods of the local history. The train museum is located in the rear section of the original freight station of the Depot where all the items that came to South Hill by rail were stored until picked up by farmers, residents and businessmen. You can even visit an authentic caboose located on the Depot grounds. Also in the Depot is a wonderful local wildlife display that was prepared and designed by Mr. Stanton S. Vongrabill, Jr. You can visit with bobcats to bald eagles, hoot owls to woodpeckers, even groundhogs to hawks and buzzards. Virginia Evans Doll Museum